Girls at The Well 7/28/2013

In this day and culture women are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure. They are always expected to look/act and behave in a certain way – and this is something that leaves them wanting continually. Ultimately, these societal pressures inspire a lot of insecurity to brew within their hearts. Observing these hardships, Maureena went ahead and decided to dedicate the Girls at The Well for July to grapple with these issues. She deeply desired to share how Jesus must always be the source of identity and security in a woman’s life. To translate the message into a practical outworking all the “girls” of The Well made ‘security in Jesus’ bracelets.

Check out this photo below:


Our Girls @ The Well coordinator – Kassi Bantz had this to say about the evening:

“I always like to mention what we have for supper because Maureena is an amazing cook. She made tilapia, green beans, rice, (if you have not had her rice yet, you are missing out) baked potatoes, & zucchini bread. After our delicious meal we shared one thing that the group of girls did not know about us. There were some interesting things that came up, including Theresa’s testimony about finding her strength in the Lord during her battle with leukemia in 2008. We then broke off into groups of two and shared our insecurities with our partner. It feels so good to share and talk things over with friends. We then started making ‘Security in Jesus Bracelets’. They served as a reminder that we have security in the Lord. We are going to sell these handmade, sparkly and beautiful bracelets  for $10/each. Our desire is to sell them during upcoming Elim events. Only 4 more weeks until our next gathering so please mark your calendar and make arrangements so that you may come to the next Girls @ The Well get together!”

Just like Kassi said – only four more weeks until the next Girls @ The Well. To be more precise, the next fellowship time will be Friday August 30th at Pastor and Maureena’s place. 

For some further resources on “Insecurities” please take some time out and read this really good article.