Girls @ The Well 5/31/2013

Girls at The Well is the gathering of the women at The Well. Although they come from all walks of life – their passion for Jesus and desire to grow in Him is what binds them. On May 31st they had a gathering where life was shared, and time was spent simply loving on one another.

“We started the evening with an amazing meal. Maureena is the most amazing cook ever! (oh and pastor made hummus and salsa) oh yeah that was delicious! After we were stuffed we gathered around to listen to a chapter of A Young Woman’s Walk with God, makes you want to devour the whole book. We talked about each of our fruits. We prayed for each others short falls. We gathered around the fire (Kassi is a rock star at making fires) and made smores and at peanut butter panic ice cream. We played some games…… We laughed soooooooo much! We ended our night with hugs. Btw hugs are the best! Plan to make it to the next night! ” – Kassi Bantz¬†

No matter what stage of life you are in- as long as you are a female and are coming to The Well or know someone who does you are invited :)