Our 1st Official Meeting! (8.30.13)

The first official “Guys @ The Well” meeting took place on 8/30. Despite the fact that the guys were tired from a long hard week they all took the time out to get together to grow in the Lord. The group of guys that met was made up of individuals in High school all the way up to those in their 40s/50s. This was very exciting because such a wide age gap offered the opportunity ‘for those who have gone ahead’ to pour into those who are just about to begin their lives. Kyle Bantz, the coordinator of Guys @ The Well had this to say about the night:

” Guys at the Well was a success. We had eleven guys at the house! We started off by praying and eating wonderful food. Then we got to know each other by using the book of a 1001 questions. This was followed by all of us sharing our happy and crappy moments of the previous week. Than we read Jeremiah 12 and had an open discussion about the passage . At the end of the night we got into a big circle to pray – thanking God for each other and what God is doing in our little body. Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait for the next one! “

The most beautiful thing about the gathering is that it offers the opportunity for guys to open up to one another about deep rooted struggles and hardships in their lives. It provides a free and supportive atmosphere for God to work powerfully. The prayer is that it would stay this way!