Girls @ The Well 8.30.13

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.¬†Philippians 4:6 This Girl’s @ The Well was dedicated to worry and it’s negative effects on life. Unfortunately the usual number was not able to get together for this meeting but it was powerful nonetheless. […]

Girls at The Well 7/28/2013

In this day and culture women are faced with a tremendous amount of pressure. They are always expected to look/act and behave in a certain way – and this is something that leaves them wanting continually. Ultimately, these societal pressures inspire a lot of insecurity to brew within their hearts. Observing these hardships, Maureena went […]

Girls at The Well 6/28/13

The ‘Girls’ of The Well gathered again at pastors on June 28th! The goal of the gathering this time was to learn how to grow a heart of hospitality. They cooked a meal and shared their lives with one another. Maureena (Pastor’s wife) also took this opportunity to share the amazing role that God has […]

Girls @ The Well 5/31/2013

Girls at The Well is the gathering of the women at The Well. Although they come from all walks of life – their passion for Jesus and desire to grow in Him is what binds them. On May 31st they had a gathering where life was shared, and time was spent simply loving on one […]

Girl’s at The Well – 4/19/2013

The girls @ The Well had a great night again that past friday eve. Here’s is a testimonial from one of the girls – Kassi Bantz. “I love evenings with the Girls at The Well, I thank you Lord for the opportunity to get to know each one of The Girls on a more personal […]

Testimonial from previous ‘Girls at the Well’ get together

Testimonial from previous ‘Girls at the Well’ get together

  We desire to offer an opportunity for the all the ‘girls’ at The Well to come together and fellowship with one another. We hope to have regular monthly meetings like this and we humbly ask that God would breath over all that we engage in so that we can begin to become the women […]