Book Summary

This is the gripping story of a young couple called by God to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pioneer the underground church in the Middle East. In an environment hostile to Christianity, Ajai and Maureena have planted churches and seen passionate revival take place. They meet in people’s homes, travel great distances over rugged terrain, preach and teach in areas unwelcoming to pastors and evangelists, and see God honor their obedience as He grows the church in number as well as the manifest power of the Holy Spirit.

It was not always in the mind of this couple to be church planters. In fact, the narrative begins as Ajai and Maureena leave their families in India to build their own life. They had been separated for seven years and now, finally being able to marry, sought children and financial well-being. However, the two struggled bitterly to make ends meet. Multiple jobs and minimal resources grew straining, and the unforeseen heartbreak the two endured after discovering they would not be able to have children came with public shame. It was in this time of great trial the two drew closer to one another in Christ, sacrificing the desires of their heart in surrender to the will of their faithful Creator and Redeemer, thus depending on the His provision. It was upon their arrival to the Middle East, hoping to secure financial stability, that God made His intrusion and shattered the plans of this young couple. Instead of dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, God transformed Ajai and Maureena’s heart. Largely ministering to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Catholics, atheists and nominal Christians, the two began underground meetings in homes of fellow converts in order to share the message of Christ. As time progressed, homes started to overflow and spread to the neighboring towns and villages. Despite two wars in the Gulf and the disaster of 9/11, this underground church witnessed unanticipated stealth revival. Though laws were tightened, converts grew; though hostility to Christ intensified, passion and zeal in the Holy Spirit flourished; though the threat of being discovered was always at hand, endurance to the mission proved God’s faithfulness. Because of this, hungry souls desiring to hear the hope found in Christ were transformed, thus establishing the presence of Christ in an area that formerly had never known His reality.

Ajai and Maureena’s story offers an encouraging glance at the work Christ is accomplishing throughout the Middle-East, thus calling for a reformation of modern American evangelization methods. Its critique on the degradation of the family in the West is seen implicitly in the beauty of two souls who, by love, are a shining example of the supremacy of Christian marriage. Not only will the reader hear true stories of the powerful manifestations of God, but he will be awakened to the central desire upon God’s heart for the American church: the restoration of the family. With these in place, this story is sure to impassion the American church for global evangelization so that it might experience the same blessings as those in the underground church.

Book Testimonials/Endorsements:

” I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Pastor Ajai Prakash and his wife, Maureena, and interviewing him about his ministry near North Liberty, Iowa, and of their efforts to bring the Word of God to willing ears in the Middle East. The dangers they faced, from traversing unforgiving terrai, to threats from an anti-Christian ideology, had me riveted. While I’ve met and interviewed many ministers and pastors in my work as a small-town newspaper reporter, the depth of faith of this remarkable couple has been unequaled. Their story is not one of “here’s what we did” for the glorification of themselves. Far from it. Their story is one of struggle, of sacrifice, of willingly going into the bear cage knowing full well they may not make it back out. Their story glorifies God and the spirit of men and women willing to not only partake of it, but fight for it. It is not only a journal of times and places in their past, but also have a prophetic note; intentional or not, which speaks to the present day. With Islam seemingly on the rise in America, and daily attacks against Christianity becoming the norm, Pastor Prakash seems to be sounding a warning. Could a land of “underground churches” become reality here? Are people willing to risk everything, to give up everything, for the sake of living and proclaiming God’s Word? This is a story worth reading, and it not only chronicles one couples’ journey of faith, it may launch one of your own as well. “

Christopher D. Umscheid – Reporter-Photographer, Solon Economist, North Liberty Leader Newspapers, Clarence, IA

” When a person buys a piece of land, puts a big beautiful house on it, and moves in, they are settled in to stay. They would do anything to protect what they own, their investment. Pastor Ajai Prakash is like that person. He has invested time, emotions, will, money, and his life in the kingdom of God! Pastor Ajai loves Jesus with all his heart and stands on the Word of God. Pastor Ajai preaches and teaches pure gospel. Because of the path the Lord has placed him on, you can be assured that he is a man after God’s own heart. I would recommend that you invest some time in reading his book and you will be blessed, impressed, and strengthen in your own walk with Christ.”

J. D. Warling – Station manager of KSKB, 99.1, Christian radio, Brooklyn, IA

“Surrender all, suffer, and serve the Father God as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who will transform our hearts to cross over to His security and sobriety. Pastor Ajai and Maureena’s story in this book shows a living example of truly being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Your soul will be ignited and energized and you will get to know Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in a personal way.”

Dr. Darrell Winterowd- DVM; shares love through animals and the local television media, Cedar Rapids, IA

” I would encourage reading Ajai and Maureena’s story and find out how God led them through adversity and hardship and honed their faith as hardened steel is forged. This is a riveting true adventure that is not yet finished.”

Frank Stephen- Law enforcement, businessman, and missionary with OM, Swisher, IA

“A helpful tool to understand the Islamic faith in comparison to Christianity and become more effective in ministering to Muslims in the USA and overseas.”

Edwin A Humpleby – Realtor with Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors, Coralville, IA