The Lord of all, creator of heaven and earth made a choice 2000 years ago to leave His throne and manifest Himself in flesh and blood through His son Jesus Christ. This choice paved the way to save those who truly believed from eternal death. The Word of God clearly states that every soul on earth has fallen short of the glory of God and traded the creator and His glory for created things, and is rightly deserving of eternal death.


But Jesus made a way where there was no way. He lived the perfect life that we all have failed to live and through His death on the cross paid our debt once and for all. Three days after his crucifixion He rose again and defeated death by death itself. He is the true hero of humanity. If God is working in your heart as you read this and is convicting you of your sin, do not be afraid. Make the choice to put your faith and trust in Him and accept the sacrifice He made for you and please contact us we would love to celebrate with you!